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About Infinity Industrial Park

The word says it all, there can be nothing else to describe it.

It is for you to witness and experience this spectacular phenemenon, where innovation meets strategy aspirations meet reality, and todat meets a belief to envision a VISION 2030 tomorrow.

Let's explore the Infinite Opportunites

The Park dedicates over 50 acres to the development of world-class amenities, state-of-the-art infrastructure and high-end security. The amenities within the Park include 3 phase power, water, sewerage, and fibre optic connection to all areas. Additionally, the Park hosts a public transport stage, police patrol base, fire station, hospital, shopping mall and wholesale market. These amenities and facilities developed by the Park create an environment in which SMEs can thrive.

Of the remaining land, 100 acres have been sub-divided into industrial plots ranging from 1-3 acres to be sold to industrialists and investors. In addition, Infinity is developing over 150 industrial sheds on 25 acres. These developments will create a community of 800-1000 small and medium scale industries.


Mr. Ashok Rupshi Shah, the Chairman of Infinity Industrial Park, is the visionary behind this incredible project. His dedication and experience with previous small industrial developments drives this project from a dream to a reality. Infinity Industrial Park is envisioned to be the premier industrial park in Kenya for SMEs.

Not only is Infinity Industrial Park a great asset to industrialists, it also affords great opportunities to investors.