benefits of infinity

benefits of infinity industrial park

employment opportunity


Employment Creation

With the establishment of manufacturing enterprises and support facilities, the Park is expected to play role in creating thousands of jobs. This is vital for the country as we aim to become a middle-income country as per the aims of Vision 2030.



Economy and Value Addition & Growth

Factories with their earnings, will boost economic growth by various means.

The industrial sector’s share of GDP will also be enhanced. This enhanced value will also broaden direct and indirect taxes due to the Government, hence adding to the exchequer collections.

Foreign Direct Investment


Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

The Park’s modern infrastructure, essential amenities and high-end services are a magnet for Foreign Investors. Foreign investors are encouraged to engage in partnerships with local SMEs as well as set up manufacturing enterprises in the park. The total estimated development cost of the projects is USD 125 million, of which approximately 50 per cent is expected to be by way of FDIs.

infinity benefits


Technology & Skill Transfer

With the establishment of both local and foreign industries in such a collaborative environment, technology and skill transfer is inevitable. Technology transfer in Kenya is expected to benefit the East Africa Community (EAC) largely, in which the integration protocols allows for the free movement of labour and services.

infinity benefits

Export Promotion & Diversification

The Park supports Kenya’s development into a newly industrializing nation as per Vision 2030, thus opening up export markets in the Region, Europe, America and Asia. New products will be manufactured thereby broadening and deepening the export sector and reducing dependence on imports and saving on foreign exchange with a positive impact on the current unfavourable Balance of Payments (BoP).

infinity benefits

Conservation of the Environment

While industrialisation is key to the growth of the Kenyan economy, it is vital that it is carried out in a sustainable manner with minimum impact on the environment. The current situation in Nairobi is seeing the establishment of industries in a scattered manner across the city. Industrial parks such as Infinity, ensure that industries are in close proximity to each other, thus able to share resources; minimizing the embodied energy in servicing the manufacturing plants.


Additionally, Infinity Industrial Park has a dedicated waste management area to ensure that the manufacturing plants responsibly handle their waste products. Another initiative by the Park is in the plantation of over 20,000 trees on site, in an effort to minimize our carbon footprint